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A.Ya Flier. Human cultural interests




A.Ya. Flier. Analytical commentary on the Normative Theory of Culture

N.A. Khrenov. The Russian Revolution from the point of view of the transitional situation in the history of culture. Rehabilitation of the Imperial complex as a consequence of the period of reaction in the history of the Revolution (continued)

V.M. Rozin. "Self" as a condition and mechanism of personality formation

A.A. Pelipenko. The subject and civilization after the Dualistic Revolution (ending)




A.J. Flier. Returning to the topic of cultural genesis: response to readers' letters

N.A. Khrenov. Culture and Technology: from the organ projection of E. Kappa to the objectification of Hegel's spirit (Semiotic turn in the culture of the twentieth century) (continued)

V.M. Rozin. Renewal of subjectivity: the role of reflection, schemes, meaning formation

V.I. Grachev. Knowledge and understanding in communication processes and other types of communication in modern culture

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Astafyeva Olga Nikolaevna,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Director of the Scientific and Educational Center
"Civil Society and Social
Communications" of the International Institute
of Public Service and Management
Russian Academy of National Economy
and Public Administration
under the President of the Russian Federation.

Flier Andrey Yakovlevich,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor,
Chief Researcher
D.S. Likhachev Russian Research Institute of Cultural
and Natural Heritage,
Professor at Moscow State
Linguistic University.

Socio-cultural modernization:
formation of a new cultural environment [1]

Abstract. The article presents the authors' joint views on the main tasks of socio-cultural modernization of Russia and the algorithms of managerial and organizational actions that need to be performed for this. In the article modernization is understood as progressive development, support of tendencies to self-improvement of culture. The article was written in 2013 in relation to the conditions relevant at that time. Now the article has only purely academic significance.

Keywords. Culture, socio-cultural environment, modernization, managerial and organizational tasks.

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